How to Keep Your Nails Healthy and Strong

I’m sure I can’t be the only one who’s shown neglect towards my nails. They come into contact with so many things that we don’t even think about. But, you definitely know when they’re damaged because it hurts or becomes uncomfortable. So, let’s try to limit the amount of damage we cause to our nails and show them some love and care, especially since we have the brutal, cold winter air around.
Use rubber gloves when doing household chores.
We know that cleaning products contain chemicals that can irritate skin, but they can also weaken your nails. So, we recommend wearing rubber gloves when using house cleaners. This can be if you’re wiping windows, scrubbing the sink, or tackling that toilet. One of the biggest culprits is washing dishes as it happens frequently, requires your hands to be constantly soaked with hot water, and lathers dish soap all over your hands. While dish soap helps rid of grease and food residue, it also rids your hands and nails of natural oils that keep it moisturized.
When you use hand lotion normally, be sure to purposefully apply it on and around the nail as well. Invest a few more bucks into a cuticle cream if you need additional moisture.
This may seem like something you already do because you put hand lotion on all the time. However, think about it — do you also take time to spread the lotion around your nails? A lot of times when we put hand lotion on, we don’t really think about it and just rub the lotion between our palms, fingers, and backs of our hands. Next time, just add a few seconds to give your nails some love too! If you end up needing even more hydration for your nails, invest in a cuticle cream specifically made to target those areas.
Give your nails a break from gel and acrylics.
In terms of nail care, it’s known that acetone nail polish removers can be harmful and drying to your nails. But, overuse of gel and acrylic nails can also do the same. Not only that, when you pull them off, it can remove layers of nail with it. It’s recommended to wait a month between gel and acrylic nails to let your nails breathe. 
Try taking a biotin supplement.
Biotin is the B7 vitamin that promotes healthy cell growth and aids in the metabolism of protein-building amino acids that are essential for nail growth. Without getting too much into the science, it’s important to replenish B7 vitamins frequently as the body can’t store it because it can dissolve in water. Some foods that are high in biotin are: egg yolks, legumes, nuts, seeds, sweet potatoes, dairy, avocado, and broccoli.
Try not to use your nails as tools.
This is probably the tip that will be the hardest to implement as we tend to do it out of habit. Packages, lids, and stickers are just a few things we like to use our nails for as it’s convenient instead of having to move and grab something else. As tempting as it is, try to fight it as I’m sure we’ve all experienced cracking, chipping, or even breaking our nails.
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