Meet Lorelle

Tell us a little about yourself and what made you get started in the beauty industry?

Well, my name is Lorelle. But everybody calls me Lo for short. I’m from Detroit, Michigan. What made me start getting into makeup was, being a dancer. Between recitals, dance completions, and anything else that had to do with prancing my body around a stage or a field, I was involved. With being a performer came the hair and makeup. It wasn’t until high school, was when I started wearing my first makeup products on a regular and not just for performances. It was lipgloss and mascara.

What is one thing that you are really passionate about (besides makeup)?

One thing I’m really passionate about besides makeup is my family and friends. I love being surrounded by loved ones, laughing and just having a good time. It makes my heart full.

What is some advice that you would give to someone just starting out in the industry?

Some advice I would give to someone starting in this industry are 3 main things. A. Be consistent B. Never compare your work or progress to someone else. I feel like that's the number one way to get discouraged. And lastly, C. Believe in yourself!

Who are your top 5 favorite beauty influencers?

My top 5 beauty influencers would be (via Instagram) 
  • @ms_bentivegas
  • @amandageronimo
  • @teairawalker
  • @brixana
  • @allyiahsface
What’s your biggest makeup regret/horror story?

My biggest makeup horror was, and still is to this day going through old pictures, or when I was going through the phase of learning how to do my eyebrows and learning my foundation shade. Some of those photos are breathtaking! (and I don’t mean that in a good way)

What are your tips and tricks to getting that perfect selfie?

Facetuneee! Haha. And of course good lighting.

What are some makeup hacks that have really worked for you?

One particular makeup hack that has worked for me is the hooded eye cut crease trick. When you have hooded eyes, it makes it harder to realize where to cut your crease. When you draw a straight line down the middle of your eye, it helps to look straight up, to show you wear your cut crease should stop.

What is your skincare routine? How do you change it up in different seasons?

I have very dry skin. So I’m usually drenching myself in oils and moisturizers all throughout the year. The only time I change my skincare routine is when I have my occasional monthly breakouts. Then I use acne care products.

How do you stay on top of the latest and upcoming beauty trends?

I'm constantly on social media, including youtube. Whether its new products, new techniques or new challenges, I’m always seeing them or stumbling upon them.

What are some common beauty mistakes that you see others making?

Let's just say…. There is a such thing as over face tuning.

What types of makeup tools do you use for the application?

I guess it depends on what I feel like that day. I go back and forth between brushes and sponges. I’m not too picky.

Where do you find inspiration for your looks?

I find different inspiration usually through the explore page on Instagram. But I def check my favorite beauty influencers pages throughout the week.

What does your average day look like?

I'm pretty much a homebody. All I do is work and go home.

What’s your perfect night-out look? (hair, outfit, shoes, makeup, etc.)

My go-to “night out” look is a black smokey eye or something bronzed and gold, with glitter. My hair is short, so I’m usually wearing finger waves. And I love a sexy little black dress situation.

How do you use social media to promote yourself as a “brand”?

The way I use social media to promote myself as a brand is consistently posting selfies and videos, whilst tagging whatever makeup brand that I’m using in the look or skincare products that I’m using. Being consistent with brands, along with good quality, gets you noticed.

This or that:


1.       Cleansing oil or makeup wipes?

 Cleansing Oil

2.       Trying new products or sticking with your tried and trues?

 Trying new products

3.       Full glam or natural makeup?
Full glam

4.       Liquid or powder highlighter?
Powder highlighter


5.       Matte or glossy lip?
Glossy lip


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