Meet Michel'le Green

Maybe you know her as Michel'le Green, or better yet Michel'le Sade' on social media, but do you know how she got started within the beauty industry or what makeup hacks have really worked for her? Keep reading to find out a little more about Michel'le and her makeup journey.

Tell us a little about yourself and what made you get started in the beauty industry?

My name is Michel'le Green also known as Michel'le Sade' on social media my middle name is Sade' lol I am 26 years old turning 27 next month I am from Louisiana and reside in Indiana... Aside from makeup, I am a student a computer science major. About two years ago is when I came across some makeup tutorials on youtube and actually started to feel interested in learning makeup. At the time I was dealing with some confidence issues and looking for something to help me cope and makeup became a thing. I don't need makeup to be pretty but it helps me focus on something more positive and I love it.  I started off with a lot of drugstore makeup and just started playing around with makeup even though I wasn't really good lol. But now I truly found my self invested in perfecting my craft and I love it so much.

What is one thing that you are really passionate about (besides makeup)?

I am starting to be passionate about fashion and dressing up. I also feel passionate about my degree I'm pursuing which is computer science and becoming a big software developer.

Who are your top 5 favorite beauty influencers?

My top 5 are Naezrah Nikole, Alissa Ashley, Makeuptiffanyj, A lot of UK artists lol it's hard to pick, and taylorgrhammua the list goes on this was hard to pick lol.

What’s your biggest makeup regret/horror story?

Lord!!!! the biggest regret is simply looking back at a lot of my old makeup pics and realizing I really used to think I was cute!!! and furthermore people letting me go out looking a hot mess lol. Like shadows weren't blended at all. Just a horror!!

What do you love most about makeup?

What I love is creativity... It's like you never can get bored because it's so much with makeup! You are constantly learning new techniques and learning new looks! You're never tired.

What are your tips and tricks to getting that perfect selfie?

ITS ALLL ABOUT THE LIGHTING!! Get in front of really good ring light or some sunlight and boom! I also feel the best selfie comes from a good camera. You don't need to spend a lot of money on a camera but it's important to have a really good cell phone and/or camera. Lastly know your angles! It's okay to take 100 photos and pick three from the bunch just practice different angles!
What are some makeup hacks that have really worked for you?

The most recent makeup hack I saw came from TikTok actually. It was the Moisturizer then loose powder then setting spray then primer and foundation and omg it made my foundation look amazing!!

How do you stay on top of the latest and upcoming beauty trends?

I am on social media constantly to see whats new what new palettes new trends and everything so i can be on top of things!

What’s your dream job?

My dream job is to be a big YouTuber and make it big in the beauty industry and collab with a big brand and also become successful with my computer science degree

What are some common beauty mistakes that you see others making?

The number one I see is eyebrow mistakes. they are either too long too thick or too dark! the second one is foundation matching. granted sometimes you wouldn't even tell at the end of doing everything it looks amazing but sometimes you can tell. and the last one is the flash back! It seems like sometimes the under eye be too bright and crazy some people actually like it but I don't think t looks great. oh and lastly again lol.. cakey looking makeup.

What types of makeup tools do you use for the application?

Currently, I use all morphe brushes... I purchased the James Charles Morphe Brush Set.

Where do you find inspiration for your looks?

I get inspired by other makeup artists to be honest. When I have creators block, I go to Instagram and see other looks and feel inspired again.

What’s your perfect night out look? (hair, outfit, shoes, makeup, etc.)

Perfect night out looks for me is a total beat face and odd enough I never wear eyeshadow when I'm going out, but I want to start. But its normally my everyday makeup with bomb lashes and bomb lip just snatched face. Outfit normally if its cold, I have my black turtle neck ready with high waisted jeans a bomb jacket and boots or heels. I'm working on more confidence so i started buying dresses and on the hot days You can see me in a black body dress with heels and possibly a jacket it really depends on where I'm going.

Be honest, how many makeup products do you currently own?

Honestly I don't own much makeuo if you compare it to other people! For instance, i have 6 foundations lol some people have as much as 30 lol I have maybe 10 to 15 makeup palettes lol but i will be getting more. 

How do you use social media to promote yourself as a “brand”?

I focus on being consistent and always post quality content and promote myself in the description. I learn not to compare myself to others and focus on my own time and just continue to post great content.

This or that:
Natural lashes or false lashes? False lashes i have NO natural lashes lol and when it comes to false lashes i need dramatics.

Cream or pressed blush? Pressed blush!
Neutral or colorful looks? Both but i doubt i would ever wear my colorful looks out 
Liquid or powder foundation? Both cause i use pressed powder for setting my liquid foundation
Lipstick or lip gloss? BOTH!!


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