Time Saving Life Hacks

It's almost October, Nanacoco Crew! As the season has changed to fall, it's also time for us to change out of our habits that we've built up during those quarantine months. So, we want to help motivate you with some time saving hacks for productivity to help get your mind thinking! These aren't super complex changes, but just some ideas to get you started in that direction!


Start grouping your tasks.

Have you ever thought about why cleaning your room and doing laundry go hand in hand? It seems obvious, but even though they’re two different tasks, they’re associated as you connect clothes with being in your room. This is how grouping your tasks work. It’s something we already do without realizing, so being actively aware of it and using it in different ways can feel unfamiliar. It saves time because you’re able to do multiple things, yet you don’t feel your focus jumping from one end of the spectrum to the other. Start by making a list of everything you need to get done into sub-categories, and then choose tasks that are related either by the items needed or the type of attention it requires. For example, cleaning your desk and taking out the trash can be grouped together as organizational tasks. However, someone else might group taking out the trash with washing dishes as kitchen tasks. This shows just how grouping your tasks feels customizable to your own needs! Just get your groupings and start checking off that list. You got this, Nanacoco Crew!

Pre-stock your main bags with essentials.

Whether they be handbags, totes, or backpacks, we all have more than one bag for different styles and occasions. Queue the flashbacks when you thought you had something in your bag, but you ended up leaving it in another! Here’s how to save that from happening. Just stock your main bags with essentials, and you’ll only have to worry about your wallet and keys before heading out the door! Some essential items we like to add are chapstick, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, travel sized tissues, and our individually wrapped Nanacoco Pro Face Mask! Doing this will also help you save the time and effort of digging furiously through your bag only to realize you didn't have it in the first place. Personalize what you add to tailor in your needs throughout the day. 

Organize your wardrobe by color.

When you’re looking for a specific shirt, you’ll definitely remember what color the shirt you’re looking for is. So, instead of trying to rush and scan your whole closet to find that one shirt, you’ll be able to locate that shirt in an instant. Plus, there’s just something so satisfying about seeing a closet organized by color! They can be organized like this pretty easily when they’re hanging in a closet, but you can also do these with drawers as well. Instead of folding your clothes on top of each other and putting them in a stack, you can roll or fold them and lay them across the bottom of the drawer. This way, you can see all the clothes instead of just the ones on the top. 

Follow the 2 minute rule.

The rule is, if there’s a task you can do that takes 2 minutes or less (such as responding to an email), do it right then and there. It sounds easy, but think about how many times you had a 2 minute task, but just brushed it aside for later because it seemed like a trivial matter? Don’t worry, we’re guilty of doing that sometimes too! It can take 5 or more minutes to remind yourself and compare it to other things you have going on that day. A few minutes may not sound like a big deal, but consider how many times this 2 minute task comes up and stays in the back of your head throughout the day. Save your brain from that constant turmoil, and clear that task!

You got this, Nanacoco Crew!

xo, Nanacoco  

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