Top Fall Fashion Trends to Watch Out For

Since we’ve shared with you our top fall makeup trends, it’s only right that we also share our top fall fashion trends for 2020! In summer, we saw bright colors, cutouts, and matching bralettes and bottoms rule supreme. Now as the weather turns chillier and the days get darker (farewell, daylight savings), it’s time to look at some of the fun and cozy fashion trends for this fall!



Shearling has always been around here and there, but this fall it’s taking the spotlight! Sometimes fashion doesn’t match utility, but it would be hard to find someone who would deny wanting to wear something so soft, warm, and cozy during a brisk fall season. Even just a shearling collar can add to your outfit!



Fringe is back, and it’s fun! We all know you’re going to be spinning and twirling around in it just for fun or to get that modelesque picture! It can be intimidating to try, but you don’t need to commit a whole piece of your outfit to be fringe. Just try a fringed hemline, or even simpler, some earrings or a bag! 



Capes, ponchos, and oversized scarves, take your pick! Make your entrance a statement and onlookers astonished at your look as your cape elegantly glides along behind you. But don’t worry, capes aren’t just for formal attire, you can wear them casually as well (plus, they’re pretty roomy and comfortable too!) As a bonus, add a belt around the waist if you want to add some shape.



Patchwork is reminiscent of a quilt blanket, but instead of just keeping it at home, you can wear it out! It allows for unique patterns and shapes to be created in just one piece of clothing. Patchwork clothes are definitely statement pieces to add to your wardrobe that can make your outfits pop! 



Equestrian, aka horse rider fashion, is riding into fall (sorry, we had to)! With the foundation being dark neutral colors, it’s no wonder that equestrian fashion fits the bill. Not only that, but the riding boots combined with slim pants and a nice fitted jacket or coat ensure you’re going to stay warm while adding a sense of sophistication.

Start small, explore, and don’t be afraid to try something new!

xo, Nanacoco

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