How to Make Your Lipstick Last Even Longer

We all want that perfect pout, and we want it to last all day long. Unfortunately, as the day wears on, our lipstick wears off. That's why we are here to give you some of our favorite tips and tricks to help make your lipstick last as long as your Mondays do.

What type of lipstick are you using?

Choosing your lipstick formula is super important- Make sure the lipstick you're purchasing is long lasting, like the Magnumatte Lip Crayon. Although usually it's a trial and error to see which formulas and products work best for you. 

Prep your lips

Lip prep is one of the most important steps that most people don't even think about doing. Make sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before applying any lipstick. Our favorite method is to use a lip scrub to exfoliate and then a lip balm to moisturize. If you're in search of a new lip scrub, check out Lush. Lush's lip scrubs are a must have because they exfoliate your lips, yet still leave them feeling super soft and moisturized afterwards. 

Use concealer or liquid foundation

Okay, it may sound a little crazy to apply concealer or liquid foundation on your lips, but that's the best way to ensure the color of your lipstick doesn't get altered in any way. Lipstick shades look different on every single person due to their different skin tones and undertones. Using concealer, or even a light foundation, is the best way to start with a blank canvas for your lip color.

Always line your lips

A trick about lining your lips that you may not be doing, is reverse lining. Instead of starting with a liner to match your lipstick shade, opt for a clear liner. Clear liner is a must have lip product because it will prevent any feathering or smudging that may happen throughout the course of your day. After applying the clear liner, go back and apply your colored liner. We like to line our lips and then fill them in a little. Since lip liner tends to be on the drier side. This will allow your lipstick to stick better to your lips.

Translucent powder is key

If translucent powder isn't currently in your lip routine, then you are truly missing out! After applying your lipstick, hold a tissue onto your lips and puff on some translucent powder through the tissue. This will help to lock in your lipstick even more.

Now that we've discussed all of our favorite tips and tricks for making your lipstick last, we would love to hear some of yours!

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