Mascara Tips for Long Natural Lashes

We all want our natural lashes to be long and luscious, but without having to pay for an extremely overpriced mascara. Applying mascara seems to be pretty self explanatory, right? Not quite. If you want to get voluminous movie star lashes every application, keep reading for some of our favorite tips and tricks to getting the lashes of your dreams!

Add some powder to your lashes

Believe it or not, dusting a little bit of baby powder or a translucent powder on your lashes in between mascara coats will make your lashes look super thick and voluminous. 

Wiggle your wand

To get voluminous, full looking lashes, wiggle your mascara wand at the roots of your lashes and then pull your wand straight through. This method definitely works wonders, but be careful because it will get your lids a little messy!

All about the layers

We love adding on layers of mascara to create that falsie look. If you're looking for a very natural look, then we suggest skipping all of these layers. If you love applying multiple layers of mascara, try switching up the formula with each layer to reduce clumping. Start with a thin formula and then add a thicker one on top to help add some volume. Applying mascara to both sides of your lashes can also make a dramatic difference.

Comb out your lashes

Use an eyelash comb to help separate your lashes and get rid of any unwanted clumps. If you don't own an eyelash comb, an unused toothbrush is not only a quick fix for getting those baby hairs and fly aways to stay down, but is also perfect for getting rid of those accidental "spider lashes".

Warm it up

If you find that your mascara is a little clumpy or hardened and you don't have the time to go get a new one at that moment, try warming it up. Secure the cap of your mascara tube, then let the tube sit in a mug of hot water for a few minutes. This is a quick fix for an old mascara, but if you have to use this method then it's best to buy yourself a fresh new one.

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