Spring & Summer 2020 Nail Trends

One of our favorite parts of starting a new season, is all of the new trends that come along with it. This Spring and Summer, you'll be seeing some major nail inspo everywhere. From short, natural nails to those dramatic stilettos that will have your friends questioning how you even function, this Spring and Summer will be bringing you some of our favorite trends to date. Keep reading for our favorite nail trends for the upcoming seasons.


Stiletto Nails

Bring on the drama with these "claws", as some would say. Yes, this isn't the most convenient trend when it comes to your day to day activities.....especially if you're used to short nails. Stiletto nails are great for those with shorter and wider fingers because it gives the illusions of your fingers being slimmer and longer. We also love how long this style is because you have more room to create a fun and artistic look.


Rounded Nails

If super long and dramatic  stiletto nails aren't your cup of tea, opt for a short to medium rounded nail. A round nail is great if you have short, yet slim fingers. The rounded tip will help to elongate your fingers, while giving off an elegant and professional look.


French Manicure


Well, the classic french manicure is back! This minimalist nail trend is one that tends to come and go, but is never gone for good. We love a basic french manicure because it's sure to look elegant, yet simplistic, while matching any outfit. If you want to put a fresh twist on this trend, opt for a colored tip instead of the basic white.


Minimalist designs over bare nails

We are currently loving this fresh take on a bare nail. Start off with a clear or nude polish, then overlay some fun designs over top. Whether you design shapes, lines, or make it a little abstract, we are totally here for this trend. 

Here are three of our favorite budget friendly sets to use for nail art:


Accent Nail


Gone are the days of painting all of your nails the exact same solid color. Accent nails have been popular for quite a bit now, and heading into spring and summer, you'll still be seeing this trend everywhere. We love pairing our vegan and cruelty-free Nail Lacquer with the Insta Gel Nail Strips for a quick and fool proof accent nail. 


Red Nails

Whether it's a red lip or a fresh red manicure, this is a sexy and timeless color. If you want to take it up another level, pair a red lip with a red mani for a real wow factor. 

Our three favorite red nail lacquers for 2020:

"Paradise Island" gives a tropical vacay vibe  to the classic red manicure.

"Best Summer Ever" is more of a true red. If you are a fan of the "normal" and iconic red manicure, then this is definitely the polish for you.

If you are more into a darker polish, but still love a red mani, opt for a shade like "Rising Star".


Animal Print

Year after year, animal print stands its ground. Honestly, we don't see this trend ever going out of style. Get the look with the Leopard Insta Gel Nail Strips. Lasting up to 14 days, these waterproof nail stickers will have your nails looking fresh and trendy in under 15 minutes.


Barely there neutrals

As much as we all love a bright and bold pop of color, it's time to tone it down a bit and bring back the soft neutrals. This barely there look can be achieved easily with a soft pink or nude polish. Get the look with the shade "Sweet as a Peach" Nanacoco Professional Nail Lacquer.

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